DSCF3478Hello! I’m so glad you’re here.

My name is Mollie Horne, and I help travel and adventure businesses increase sales and grow their client base through thoughtful strategy, straightforward marketing, and compelling content that informs and inspires. I’m particularly interested in helping clients explore the family travel market, an increasingly valuable and in-demand sector of the industry. Millions of young families are ready to travel, but they need your help.

So why do you need my help?

My husband and I decided early on that when we started our family, we’d still travel–well and often. We watched too many friends shelve their wanderlust and pack away their suitcases once kids came into the picture, and that hit us in a deep way. We knew what they were missing, even if they didn’t. And we knew their kids were missing out, too. But our friends weren’t prepared to navigate travel with toddlers, and they weren’t equipped with the tools to learn how.

Our friends aren’t the only ones staying home. Overall, travel among families has declined in recent years. But Millennial families are pressing into the challenge of traveling with kids. They’re expected to outpace every other demographic in 2018. And 51% of them plan to enlist the help of a travel agent.


Young families like mine are ready and eager to travel as long as we will help them. MMGY calls Millennial families “the biggest travel opportunity in 2018.” In fact, you can expect spending among these young families to jump 19 percent. Research shows that with more discretionary income, “older Millennials, those in their late 20s to early 30s, and Millennials families are entering their prime spending years and spend twice as much as than their younger counterparts, generating more revenue for the tourism industry.” Simply put, the more expensive their travel plans, the more likely they are to seek professional expertise. Many of them are over the time-consuming, stress-inducing DIY travel-planning processes of their early 20s, especially now that they have children. Believe me, I’ve been there! Young families are looking for exciting, easy-to-book, memory-making experiences. Is your business ready for them?

I can help you win these families over. And you can rest easy knowing you’ve made their travels a gift when they might otherwise be a burden (or not possible at all). You can strengthen families. You can help educate the next generation of brilliant, empathetic, courageous little world-changers. Let me help pave the way.

Travel and exploration are central to who I am as a human. “Chronically curious” accurately describes my desire to see more, learn more, share more, and do more whenever possible. I don’t do well sitting in one place for long, literally or figuratively.

None of this changed when my daughter was born. But her arrival rocked my world. I fell insanely in love with this tiny person and realized very quickly that I want to bear witness to as much of her life as I possibly can. That required making a massive shift. So shift I did. And here I am.

It is so good to be here.

The people who know me best will tell you I’m a helper by nature. I love solving problems, flexing my creative muscles, and serving the people I care about. And if I can feed you well along the way, all the better (case in point: this gluten-free, vegan birthday cake).

It’s this deep, ongoing desire to help others that led me to pursue this path, serving families through amazing businesses like yours.

Together, we can grow your business, improve your quality of life, and, in the process, contribute to a legacy of thriving families and children full-to-bursting with curiosity, empathy, and respect for the global community. I can think of few things more meaningful than that. Will you join me?

I would love to help you take the first step.

Check out my services or contact me to get started.