I help community-minded businesses increase sales and grow their customer base through thoughtful strategy, straightforward marketing, and compelling content that informs and inspires their audience to take action and become customers.

mollie stands along a dirt road and wears a purple hooded fleece, the sun shining in the background


When providing strategic marketing and consulting services, I work with:

  • Travel & Adventure Businesses
  • Outdoor Industry Businesses
  • Coaches
  • Speakers
  • Corporate Trainers
  • Therapists
  • Private Counseling Practices
  • Plumbing and HVAC Businesses

I prefer to work with businesses that foster connection, stewardship, and empathy. If you inspire kinder, more curious humans, we’d be a great fit. Brownie points if you celebrate travel, great food (and coffee!), wild spaces, and good global citizens.


I utilize a comprehensive content strategy that leverages SEO-friendly blog posts, targeted email campaigns, video content, sales letters, social media, and digital ad campaigns to increase your authority, build trust, and convert leads into clients.

Here’s how:

  1. A strategic editorial calendar that revolutionizes the impact of your content, establishing you as the go-to solution for customers’ needs
  2. Non-salesy CTAs that inspire prospects to choose YOU
  3. Top-notch content leveraged to attract better, higher-paying clients 24/7 (even while you sleep)

My goals: grow your audience, get your business the attention AND exposure it deserves, and increase sales so that you can continue to grow your business and delight new and existing customers.

Instead of slogging through 27-point marketing strategies, you’ll get a straightforward, sensible, actionable plan.

Instead of cranking out blog posts that don’t perform, you’ll get high-quality, done-for-you pieces that improve your SEO rank over time.

Instead of lackluster emails, you’ll get snappy, easy-to-digest email campaigns that drive audience engagement and result in increased sales.

The core mission behind my work is to elevate businesses that foster community and connection as a force for good.


Visit my Contact page to schedule a free Discovery Session. We’ll explore whether your needs align with my expertise and whether we’d be a good fit for working together.

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mollie and daughter stand on an elevated light rail platform with streets and buildings below, glass walls in the background


Travel and exploration are central to who I am as a human. I’m fueled by adventure, good food (and coffee!), my community of friends, and my little family of three (I’m here today, doing this, thanks to my daughter).

“Chronically curious” accurately describes my desire to see more, learn more, share more, and do more whenever possible. I don’t do well sitting in one place for long, literally or figuratively.

The people who know me best will tell you I’m a helper by nature. I love solving problems, flexing my creative muscles, and serving the people I care about. And if I can feed you well along the way, all the better (case in point: this gluten-free, vegan birthday cake).

mollie wears a blue plaid button-down and holds a chocolate layer cake topped with hazelnuts on a wooden cutting board

It’s this deep, ongoing desire to help others that led me to pursue this path, serving communities near and far through amazing businesses like yours.

Together, we can grow your business, improve your quality of life, and, in the process, contribute to your community in ways that foster curiosity, empathy, connection, and respect for the global community.

Will you join me? Let’s get started!