Below is an assortment of recent work and pieces that exemplify the type of projects I enjoy creating. Check back regularly for new examples of client work!

blue, white, and red night train parked at concrete platform. Passengers wait nearby.

The Night Train

Departing Hanoi: the Reunification Express Rucksacks slung over our shoulders, Brian and I board the night train at Hanoi Station. The Reunification Express, as it’s formally known, is a weathered, no-frills train. Like so much of Vietnam, it feels like a bit of a time capsule. Through the PA system overhead, an authoritative recording blares … Continue reading The Night Train

green typewriter, flowers, wrapped gift, plate of chocolate chip cookies, mug of coffee on a wooden table

Web Copy Case Study: Before & After

A safari outfitter client asked for an overhaul of their web copy on one of their activity pages. Here, I detail how I optimized their page with fresh, engaging copy that sells.

Where in the World

Today, my parents and little sister are making a huge move: from western Washington (where we were raised) to the suburbs of Phoenix. The news has raised a few eyebrows among our friends, so I think it’s rather fitting that my family’s new address will be in Surprise, Arizona. No joke. Meanwhile, I’m 3,000 miles … Continue reading Where in the World

Prelude to Morning Yoga

The tinkle of a bell—tin meeting copper— Shakes stiff bones to consciousness. Still, awakening, my ears receive the day’s first sounds: The rustle, crinkle, swish of sheets tossed back.   Teak floors leaking cracks of daylight from below Creak under snappy, cracking, good-morning toes. Screen doors pop, snap, click in and out of frames, Ushering in fugitive … Continue reading Prelude to Morning Yoga