Web Copy Case Study: Before & After

A safari outfitter client asked for an overhaul of their web copy on one of their activity pages.

Below is a before-and-after comparison of the original content and the optimized web copy I delivered.

Before: Brief & Ineffective

Screenshot of the original Helicopter activity page with several images and one block paragraph of text

The existing copy was brief and generalized. It didn’t exhibit the client’s knowledge and expertise in the area of helicopter safaris. While the “contact us” button may have drawn a few eyes, the body of the copy didn’t effectively move readers along the line of trust, closer to the sale.

After: Detailed & Optimized to Sell

Here’s a preview of how the page looks now:

Read the full copy I wrote for Extraordinary Journeys at the live webpage here.

The copy is now optimized with:

  • demonstration of benefits (access and time saved)
  • answers to readers’ questions and objections (affordability and safety)
  • internal links to other EJ webpages and blog posts to establish EJ’s authority and win readers’ trust
  • external links to reputable sources as “social proof” of EJ’s knowledge and expertise
  • clear, content-specific call to action
  • headings and bulleted lists for optimized SEO and better indexing by search engines