I offer my clients a variety of services catered to their individual needs and business goals, including content development and management, consulting and strategy services, email campaign management, and data-driven targeted marketing. I’ll work with you one-on-one to evaluate areas for improvement, opportunity, and growth in your unique business.

Much of my work is scalable to fit a variety of budgets. And if you’re interested in a service not listed here, please ask. I’m always open to requests.

Below are brief descriptions of some of the services I offer. Please inquire about more details here. Thanks!

Charting the Course

Consultation Call

You know there’s room for growth in your business, but you need someone on the outside to help you re-frame your current situation and give some perspective. Start with a 30-minute consultation call to discuss your audience engagement history, current situation, and goals going forward.

Email Copywriting

Consistent, quality communication with your audience is key to keeping your business front-of-mind and promoting your offerings. Emails are a well-received, easily accessible platform for reaching future clients and engaging existing ones, even outside social media. And on average, the ROI on email marketing is $40 for every $1 spent, far outperforming other marketing techniques.

Your email marketing options are varied. You may have a general email list, a list of new customers, a list of recurring/repeat customers. I offer the following campaigns:

  • Daily emails to build relationships
  • Flash sale emails for time-constrained product or service discounts
  • Launch emails to launch new products or services
  • Drip campaigns for onboarding/welcome/indoctrination or reengagement
  • Break-Even Offer (BEO) funnel emails
  • Email newsletters for relationship building
  • Customer newsletters for relationship building
  • Distribution emails for sharing blog content

SEO-Friendly Blog Post

It seems like everyone is blogging these days. But not everyone knows the headlines that convert, the post types that get the best traffic, or the importance of high-value content that captures your readers’ attention. Your blog is an excellent platform for establishing your authority, getting your message out to influencers’ audiences, and delivering your audience fresh and informative content that matures into a valuable library of evergreen content that continues to present your business and brand as a convenient, trusted solution to your customers’ needs. 

Quality content plays a major role in your SEO strategy. Your blog posts should rank well in Google, attract your ideal online audience, and convince readers to stay around for a while. The content should inform and entertain the reader and deliver great value. It should also educate them about your brand and USP and, ultimately, convince them to choose you over your competitors when booking. 

Please note: While I enjoy delivering one-off blog posts, my preference is to develop a strategic, targeted editorial calendar of multiple blog posts (with unique objectives) over several months to generate maximum traffic, build your authority, and deliver excellent value to your customers. 

This large-scale editorial calendar is modeled after Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey. It’s designed to establish you as a trusted expert and move readers along the line of trust from casual visitors to engaged followers to loyal customers. 

After we’ve worked together on a few individual blog posts, I’d love to discuss this more robust strategy with you.

Digital Marketing Strategy Session

You know the areas in which you’d like to improve your business. You likely have data to paint me a picture of where you are now. Perhaps you have tools in place that are working but could use a tune-up. Sound familiar? I can help with that. Sit down with me for a one-hour strategy session to discuss what is and isn’t working about your current systems, approach, and project management.

Coaching & Accountability Call

Sometimes a phone call really is the best solution. If you’re stuck, overwhelmed, or crunched for time, a 45-minute coaching call can make all the difference in helping you move forward and accomplish your goals, both short- and long-term.

Building Momentum

Digital Marketing Plan

Let’s sit down and jump-start things with a practical, customized six-month plan to achieve your digital marketing goals. We’ll examine all facets of your contact with clients, including your website, social media accounts, and email list. I’ll leverage the data we have about your client engagement to suggest the most effective, engaging path forward with your marketing.

Omnipresence Method Mini-Campaign

Take the guesswork out of social media engagement, gain concrete insight into what drives and engages your audience, and establish your brand’s Omnipresence in the market. The Omnipresence Method combines the power of data-driven content and Facebook’s targeted reach to position you as a resource that is everywhere, all the time; the most convenient option; and a trusted friend. (This is often referred to as The Starbucks Effect.) 

**Note: this is a great entry-point into Facebook (and Instagram) ads. The work here helps define targeting constraints essential to effective Facebook advertising.**

Facebook Ad Service

A good Facebook ad is targeted, compelling, and inspiring. Facebook ads can be a wonderfully effective, economical way to grow your audience, generate new leads, and even convert leads (potential customers) into sales (purchasing customers).

Once you’ve chosen the offer or resource you’d like to target (a training sign-up page, lead magnet, packaged offer, etc.),

  • I will coordinate with you or your web developer to make sure you have the appropriate Facebook pixels installed on your website and blog. This allows me to create custom audiences within Facebook (we can then use that data to create lookalike audiences in future ads).
  • I’ll write up to four different pieces of copy.
  • I’ll build up to four different audiences based on targeting indicators we discuss.
  • I’ll then test different combinations of copy, audiences, and images (at a budget determined by you). I can test up to 64 unique ads with this process.
  • The testing phase typically lasts about a week (or however long it takes to reach 50 optimization events).
  • During the testing phase, I’ll let the Facebook algorithm do its work to tell us which are the best-performing ads of the test set. 
  • Once I’ve identified your winning ad(s), we can run extended campaigns with the ads of your choosing at a daily budget determined by you.
  • From here, you can either take over campaign management, or I can manage your ads for you long-term. This is a separate discussion we can have at a later date. Just know that Facebook Ads are a lot of work, and they’re not a set-it-and-forget-it sort of thing. 

Monthly Content Writing

Your online content is the face of your brand. Full stop. Leverage that content to engage, strengthen, and expand your audience for maximum business growth. I’ll follow a number of digital content best practices to ensure your content is captivating, full of value, in line with your brand, and optimized to increase conversion and win you new clients! Build the package of your choosing from several options, including blog posts, emails, and social media content pieces.

Monthly Consultation & Advising

Whether I’m doing hands-on work for your business or you’re doing the work yourself, these calls can help you to maintain focus, get clarity, and generate new ideas and solutions as you grow your business. A weekly check-in with someone who knows your goals and objectives can give you peace of mind and help you maintain momentum. Being so close to the work, it can be a challenge to gauge your audience’s perception of your business. As your advocate, I’m here to champion your efforts and provide honest, straightforward insight into how your business reads to “the outside world.”

Taking the Long View

These services are highly customized and typically reserved for clients with whom I have an established, long-term relationship. The scope and process of each project varies from client to client. Please contact me to learn more.

Content Direction Service

This service includes a comprehensive editorial calendar that maps your blogging strategy over a period of six months (or more). This calendar takes into account your larger marketing plan, including your email marketing goals. Together, we build the six-month plan. We meet via Zoom once or twice a month to discuss the finer details of each month’s work, but the bulk of content development is my responsibility. Enjoy some free time in your schedule! I write the blog posts and–if you like–a monthly newsletter to feature all the content. I also share each new blog post via Facebook with a custom social graphic (made in Canva). Over the course of several months, I track your Google Analytics performance and the SEO performance (where you rank in a Google search) of each blog post. As needed, we can adjust the plan to meet market demand and position you as the go-to expert for your audience’s needs.

This service requires a minimum six-month commitment.

Client Testimonial Video

Showcase glowing client testimonials, and build more trust among future clients with high quality videos. Marketing tip: “video increases audience understanding of your business by 74%, and roughly 30% of everyone’s collective online activity is spent watching videos.” Good news: my husband is an accomplished videographer, editor, and motion graphics designer with extensive experience in storytelling and interviewing. With my background in acting and my knack for helping folks share the heart of their stories, we make a winning team when it comes to producing videos that build credibility and convert. We’d love to highlight your clients’ rave reviews and help you reach even more travelers!

Looking for other types of video and storytelling services? We’d be happy to find a solution that works well for your business. Just ask!

Ready to book a service? Schedule a call or submit a request here.