Client Case Study: How To Rank #1 On Google

Do you want your business to rank higher on Google for a given keyword or keyphrase?

In late 2018, I wrote a blog post that catapulted one of my travel clients (a luxury safari outfitter) from ranking somewhere below #50 in a Google search to ranking #4. In three months.

Here’s how I pulled it off.

Client Objective: Rank Higher on Google with SEO-Friendly Content

My client had written a number of posts on the topic of family safaris and traveling in Africa with kids, but no one post was performing particularly well. In fact, for “safari with kids,” her business hadn’t even cracked the top 50 results on Google.

Needless to say, she was disappointed and wanted to rank higher on Google.

Several months prior, a third-party SEO audit indicated that the subject of safaris with kids and family safaris would be a great opportunity to pursue. My client knew her existing content wasn’t achieving the results she wanted, so she enlisted my help to pull it off.

How I Got My Client on the First Page of Google in Three Months

Here’s what we did in November 2018:

  • We identified a need in the market–parents who want to go on a safari with their kids but don’t know where to start (or think it might be impossible in the first place)
  • We gathered three of their existing blog posts that hadn’t performed well at all in terms of traffic
  • I pulled all the best bits from each post, added a bunch of problem-solving content, offered creative solutions, and gave parents the resources they needed to see that a safari with kids is totally feasible
  • I optimized the whole thing for better SEO performance: a compelling headline, meta-description, title tag, alt text and captions for photos, bulleted and numbered lists, plenty of “air” on the page for quick consumption, straightforward language for readability, left-aligned text, etc.
  • We shared the polished, ultimate-guide-to-style post to their Facebook and Instagram pages

Then we waited.

The Short-Term Results When You Rank Higher on Google

By January, they ranked #11 for “safari with kids.”

By February, they’d won a top spot in the Google rankings: #4.

Google Analytics screenshot shows graph of 1-year performance improvement for client's SEO rank

The organic traffic was solid. In the six months following publication, the updated blog post saw a 128% increase in traffic.

The Facebook post I created for the blog post out-performed their other posts by a long shot (all organically, without a bit of ad spend).

Parents started calling to inquire about booking safaris with their kids.

My client was over the moon. 

screen shot of celebratory Asana exchange with client

The Long-Term Payoff When You Rank Higher in Google

Not long after, she signed a six-month contract for me to handle her content editorial calendar, all her blog post writing (including related Facebook posts), and monthly newsletters. 

After my work delivered improved SEO for not just “safari with kids” but half a dozen other targeted keywords, she renewed our agreement for another six months

My work takes a big load off her mind in terms of keeping up with content creation, staying relevant, and addressing client questions, and promoting new destinations. Not to mention that it helps her rank higher on Google month after month, keyword after keyword.

Since I started working with her business, the blog has seen a 34% increase in unique pageviews.

And that winning post? It’s a total knockout. It currently ranks #1 on Google for “safari with kids.”

What Ranking Higher on Google Means for Your Business

You might be thinking, “That’s great, Mollie. SO WHAT?”

Here’s why a solid content marketing game is critical to a thriving business.

You’ll Get More Organic Traffic

Looking to lower your advertising costs? The best way to do this is to rank higher on Google. You’ll get more organic traffic to your website, establish yourself as a trusted resource, showcase your expertise, and eventually land more clients. And it doesn’t require a cent of ad spend.

You’ll Achieve Frequency and Consistency

There are two keys to landing more clients and making more sales: frequency and consistency.

I was able to deliver both to my client.

Regular blog posts and newsletters meant frequent, consistent contact with her audience. Her business achieved greater exposure to her ideal clients and presented them with more opportunities to reach out, engage with her sales team, and book.

Do you want more frequent, consistent contact with your audience?

Or think of it this way:

What would 34% more traffic mean for your business?

What could ranking on the first page of Google do for your bottom line?


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